CircleCare – An App to motivate your friends and family to be healthy


CircleCare is a health and wellness motivation app for supporting and motivating your friends and family to stay healthy.

A support network for health & fitness

On Facebook we broadcast our day to day activities with our friends and acquaintances and get there motivation and reactions, on Linkedin we share our professional interest and experiences, but where do we get motivation for our health and fitness journey? For privacy and security reasons, public social networks are not ideal for sharing or communicating our health and fitness information.

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For sharing these private information’s with friends and family now there is CircleCare App. This health and wellness motivation App not only allows you to share your health information’s (blood glucose, blood pressure & medicine schedule) and fitness activities (steps count), now you can motivate and inspire your friends and family to achieve their health goals. It’s like a complete support network for everyone to manage their health condition, share collective knowledge on a healthy lifestyle for each other and motivate everyone to stay healthy.

Inspire and be inspired

On CircleCare family members and loved ones can inspire each other to achieve their life goals, follow a healthy lifestyle and appreciate good behavior. Circle members can provide positive reactions, award custom badges and win trophies which boosts the morale of family members.

You are never alone, you are always empowered by your family

CircleCare connects you to your family and loved ones. They are always aware of what’s going on in our lives and ready to support and inspire you no matter what. They will always appreciate your achievements with honest compliments, listen to your problems and provide helpful opinions & volunteer to support you in bad times.

Holistic support and inspiration for the entire family

A family is the only circle that provides holistic support and inspiration with no question asked. Whether it’s a chronic health condition, mental depression, relationship problems or professional stress, on CircleCare family members can talk about it and provide holistic support and inspiration to each other to get over it. Unlike other social networks, they don’t need to worry about the whole world seeing it or get judged by others.  

Make your achievements memorable with trophies and badges

CircleCare makes your health and fitness achievement’s memorable by awarding you with trophies and badges for every walking milestone you reach. Family members can also show their appreciation and love by rewarding with you custom badges.

Support the ones that need help, make them feel cared

When a family member is going through a bad time or suffering from a chronic health condition or living away from the family for the first time,  they feel alone and vulnerable.  The best thing other family members can do is to make him feel that he is not alone, the entire family is there and care for him. Listen to his problems, help him to stay on top of his medication schedule, inspire him to be physically active, share life moments with each other. On, CirceCare the entire family feels more connected and less alone.

Free download CircleCare App on Google Play Store and iOS App Store.


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