How Content Marketing is helping Travel Mobile Apps to grow business

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Today, simply having a mobile app for your travel business is not enough! Yes, an innovative travel mobile app could work wonders, but it is not enough if people do not know about it. It all comes down to promoting your brand and your mobile app well! Each one of your competitors is trying to eat up your market share and take your audiences away from you. Yes, it is a tough world with dozens of similar mobile apps, but you have to take the risk!

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People today have better access to smartphones than they have to basic amenities. But, nothing is worthy if no one knows about your travel brand and your travel mobile app. With all the rising competition and over a billion mobile apps, your app could get lost in the “jungle”.

But what about brand names like Airbnb,, Trip101, Trip Advisor?

How did they get popular?

Marketing! Marketing ensures the world of mobile apps is thriving. But it is not just marketing that does the deed, content marketing makes all the difference here!

How could content marketing make a difference in the world of these travel mobile app?

With the ongoing heavy competition, travel content marketers are always looking for a solution to this problem. They are not just looking for popularity, but also better returns and revenues.

Looking at some of the major travel apps, who have already established a name for themselves, almost each one of them has reached the level owing to their content marketing strategies. Most of them managed to garner over 500,000 people to their site and app every day owing to the content and articles published on their websites. Travel enthusiasts keep hovering around their site, only to figure out tips and tricks for smooth traveling.

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Most of them captured this huge market share with simple methodologies of content marketing. In fact, some of the users of one of these travel apps and websites were even found quoting how an article on the site helped them decide where to travel and where to stay! These websites and mobile app seem to have it all figured out.

People no longer have to make huge efforts or ponder over thoughts when it comes to planning a vacation. They can simply rely on one of these mobile apps to help them.

People are driven by emotions!

Most big travel mobile apps and their counterpart websites plug the cords of emotions when it comes to content marketing. Content is marketed to make an emotional connect with the audiences.

Most of the travel mobile apps and travel websites you come across, you would see them capturing your emotions and your hearts by the way they present the travel blogs and stories.

It is through stories that they make sure you feel something, or that they tug at your heart. Emotional connect is always a leverage for almost all travel mobile apps and sites. It is their way to connect with their audiences and users emotionally in today’s digital jungle. It is not just powerful but effective.

The way people see your brand when you turn the emotional filters on becomes different altogether. They would not be allured by your motto regarding the best prices for the weekend or any other promotional notification, but they would definitely be driven by a random title about “a memorable weekend for you and your loved ones”.

The emotional angle of content marketing always works for travel mobile apps as it attempts to still humanize the hectic digital world. Nobody can turn down the “humanization” attempts coming from a digital device! People love to feel special.

Bring travel destinations to your customer’s mobile phones!

Another important aspect through which most popular travel mobile apps are winning in the sphere is by bringing travel destinations to their audiences! Travel mobile apps are now replicating the “vacation experiences” in the form of articles and blog posts to make sure more and more people are allured for booking a similar vacation.

These travel apps offer the views of local guides and other local travel enthusiasts to deliver you with the experience through your smartphone! Customers are engaged by such services.

What other innovative mobile app development companies are also found doing is the replication of “concierge services” in a digital form. While traveling, people now do not have to look for people who could recommend and book activities and restaurants for them. A wise travel mobile app would do just the same. With just a couple of click, people can book all kinds of activities and make reservations to the best places in town. This eliminates the need for novice middlemen who could purposely cause harm to travelers.

Capture the target audiences!

Your content generation should be able to engage your targeted audiences. Different demographics of audiences require different approaches to capturing them. Editorials, blog posts, visual posts, area guides, promotional posts, etc. are all different ways to capture the attention of varied demographics. However, the key player still is generating fresh content to tap new audiences every day!

Align your content generation with the needs and behavior pattern of a customer. This is going to help you deliver the audiences with relevant and personalized content to accelerate the dependence of customers on you. You should also focus on the generation of content that helps you retain them for good.

Let’s try and understand this from the point of view of one of the best luxury travel online magazines, Four Seasons. Four Seasons understood the need to tap the premium market of travelers and they began their journey with writing articles and blog posts about the luxurious and exotic travel locations, hotels and experiences.

Soon, they became a brand name. They complemented their name to premium and luxury traveling experience. By reinforcing their hold on the premium traveling market, they became the best in the market and drew more and more people to them, every single day.

Decreasing attention spans!

This is always a hurdle for most content marketers today! Though the number of smartphones has increased, the attention span of people using them has decreased. People today are always in a hurry.

They rely on emoticons and abbreviations to express themselves! Therefore, as a content marketer for a travel mobile app, you should make sure your audiences are engaged in your content and share it.

It is important that you focus on building a responsive content which is shared widely. One should not just click on the content, they should take something out of it while leaving the page! It is important that you connect with them through the content, instantly! Your content should be as easy on the eyes and brains as your booking features are!

As a content marketer for a travel mobile app, it is very important for you to craft out a strategy to tug at the hearts of travel enthusiasts. Your promotion though should not stop here! Your content should be able to serve the needs of average millennials who are willing to travel with all comforts and ease! Innovation infused with value will help your brand to resonate with your audiences.

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