How Famous mobile apps of 2017 are leveraging Alexa in 2018?

alexa mobile apps

Mobile applications are experiencing a steady increase in popularity ever since Tablets and smartphones have been launched in the marketplace. Though few mobile applications are a vast source to help customers and access the whole data regarding a preferred brand on the go. As mobile applications are enormously growing in the current times, they can emerge as a smart move to incorporate them into your online promoting approach.

A number of applications have come into existence which is proving to be very useful to the people. Not only the normal people but the people who are physically challenged are also finding the usage of such applications very efficient.

The current era is witnessing the development of such devices which not only include screens but also use the voice method in order to give the primary input. This helps the user get a more integrated and holistic experience.

Keeping the advanced technology methods into consideration, there is no doubt about the fact that people are slowly and steadily moving towards the voice-based interaction methods from the traditional writing ones.

Voice Control System

Voice control system is being used to enhance the working of screen-first devices such as tablets, smartphones, and televisions. On the other hand, the voice-first devices such as smart speakers are employing screens like the Echo Show.

Of course, we cannot expect to replace the form of written communication completely by speech, But it is very clear that the standard communication existing between the human and the machine is expanding to a great extent in the direction of encompassing both the spoken and written form of interactions.

In the current times, people are mainly using the method of voice interaction only for their personal and home purposes. But sooner or later, people will become used to it and will then start expecting its implementation both in the commercial and business sectors as well.

Talking about the features and functions of voice-based interactions, we can talk about too many of them. The quality functions have given a very smooth and hassle-free experience to the users. For instance, the users can give commands promptly to the system.

The processing of natural language can fulfill the requirement for complicated navigation and multitasking, on the other hand, is possible due to the Handsfree Control.

Moreover, one of the biggest advantage that the voice-based interactions have bestowed the humankind with is the bridging of the gap between the people with disabilities and technology.

Famous Alexa Apps in 2018

There are many applications available to make our life easy and interesting but the lack of voice to voice applications is an obstacle for the disabled people. But to provide equal opportunities to such people, speech technologies have been evolved. Features like automatic voice recognition for applications like medium vocabulary transaction and dictation are giving a lot of benefits.

1) Food delivery applications

Advertising digitally is no fresh concept; however, with the frequent arrival of new technologies and trends, it is growing continuously. For digital food ordering portals, digital advertising may be a huge relief in promoting and running the organization.

Their most important objective user base is tech-savvy and leftovers are regularly active on various online channels. So, it creates a perfect sense for food ordering trades to exploit on this detail by reaching out and link with clients on numerous digital promoting channels.

More than 80% of food items are now being ordered from mobile apps such as Gandhibagh, Zomato, etc and their users are increasing day by day, due to which a huge traffic is coming in the form of inbound links. Alexa, the digital assistant of Amazon is getting even smarter and useful and have been improvised thoroughly.

It can now even order food from the Amazon Restaurants. Amazon has upgraded its assistant with this special ability to order food so as to boost the performance, appeal and the functionality of Alexa. The main aim is to simplify things and make them more convenient for the consumers.

2) Cab booking applications

There are a numerous cab booking applications which have gained immense popularity in the recent times. Along with providing super easy transportation facilities to the customers, they have also maintained their excellence by delivering well-timed services.

No doubt if you are making a plan to explore an unknown place, a popular cab booking app must be installed on your android phone. Not only they help you to pick-up and drop-off your desired destination, they also take care to reduce their fare and be on time. Some of the best and most famous booking apps are Uber, Ola Cabs, Easy, Grab etc.

Talking about the Ola cabs, it has become of the most used cab booking applications for the Indians. Offering an amazing service to do the taxi booking in more than 100 renowned Indian cities, this application is gaining popularity as the quickest medium to book a taxi to reach your favorite destination.

The only thing you have to do is set your location, select your interested taxi and simply click on the ‘ride now’ option. Just a few taps and voila! You are done with your taxi booking.

Nearly all the big tech giants starting from Google and Apple to Amazon and Microsoft have focused greatly on the significance of leveraging artificial intelligence and how it will help the businesses reach new heights in the upcoming future.

This clearly indicates that voice-enabled smart conversational agents have appeared to be the most prevalent consumer-facing product. And now Alexa, the brain which gives power to the Amazon Echo, will soon be able to perform the task of helping the consumers book a cab through Ola or other applications in the year 2018.

3) Smart home applications

Virtual assistants, voice-automated lights and what not is becoming a part of our everyday life. The artificial intelligence is slowly and steadily influencing our life to a great extent. A little time before, this technology was just an infant but a push by the tech giants such as Google and Amazon have compelled both smart home applications and devices to become a major part of the mainstream.

The smart home applications are the medium to control the smart devices. These devices actually convert your home into a smart home which becomes a voice-activated, automated and app-controlled hub.

Keeping an eye on your pet with a remote camera, setting your thermostat from your workplace or setting an alarm with your voice, none of these are on the impossible list now. In the beginning of the year 2017, only the Amazon’s Echo smart speaker and Google’s home dominated the market, but now both the lineups have been given a boost by an extensive range of new hardware which will mark their launching in the year 2018.

No doubt the Alexa App has emerged to be an amazing companion for a consumer. Equipped with a simple setup, remote control, and enhanced features, Alexa has really simplified our life, be it ordering the food, booking a cab or controlling the smart home devices. Requiring no charging at all, it is even ready to make you dance to your favorite tunes or keep you updated with the weather news.

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