You know about smartphones but have you checked these intel smart glasses?

intel smart glasses
intel smart glasses

Exclusive Intel’s new Vaunt Intel smart glasses use retinal projection which is a way of projecting protons straight into the retina of a user.

Life’s getting increasingly convenient than ever before with constant massive leaps in the field of technology and what’s most commendable is the constant initiative to bring advanced technology closer to every life.

If you are one of those guys who like to stay in a close proximity to every new development in the tech world, the new Intel smart glasses will certainly give you a reason to feel excited.

Intel has been quite known for its active role in wearables. It certainly, didn’t succeed to a large extent in the field of wearables. However, the concept of the new Intel smart glasses is a mind-blowing concept and it can certainly help you elevate your levels of productivity and multitasking to a large extent.

Most importantly, it makes room for a whole lot of development and integrations in the future. People have already begun to make predictions about the probable improvements in the model with integrations with Voice assistants like Alexa or Siri. These Intel made glasses are called the Vaunt glasses.

So, what’s so special about Intel Smart Glasses?

Apparently, the Vaunt glasses look just like ordinary eyeglasses but in reality, they offer you advanced features that you might not even have possibly thought of.

However, there’s one thing for sure that these glasses have no troublesome features like a push button, swipe area, microphone, speakers or even glowing LCD screen attached to them. As you put them on, what you see is a stream of information on a screen as the protons are being projected onto your retina.

The Vaunt glasses are pretty light and they look impressive as well with plastic frames and with a weight under 50 grams which is a bit more than the regular glasses but certainly not as much as the Google Glass.

The glasses don’t contain any camera and it works with electronics crammed to the stems to control a low powered monochrome pixel image onto the retina.

How much do notifications matter to you? Have you ever missed an important notification? Well, if you have, you wouldn’t have to miss it ever again. The Vaunt glasses are designed mainly to provide a user with important notifications while one is in the middle of other activities and according to Intel, they are even better than a smartwatch.

It is believed to have some great capabilities like the ability to show the users the birthday of persons they are chatting with on the phone or detecting your exact whereabouts and offering you relevant suggestions.

Supposing, you are in the kitchen, it will show you recipes or a shopping list.

The Vaunt glasses have some other stunning features like the ability to connect to your Smartphone using a Bluetooth, a processor for apps, a compass and accelerometer to detect where you are exactly and which way you are looking.

It is believed to last for a full day with 18 hours of battery life. The Vaunt glasses can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Is There Any Possibility For The Glasses to Cause Any Damage To the Eyes?

Some people might just be worried about a laser beamed onto the eyeball as in the Vaunt glasses. However, it’s pretty low in power to cause your eyes any harm. Furthermore, it is not obtrusive and it will only be visible as you look at it. So, basically, it’s like looking at your Mac’s screen or your Smartphone’s screen without having to use your hands.

Future Prospects

There are a lot of anticipations already upon its possible future models and some are speculating that in times to come, these glasses may even contain Alexa or Siri controlled microphones attached to it.

As far as the app development for Vaunt is concerned, Intel plans to keep Vaunt as a wide-open platform and just like Google glass did five years back from now, it’s all set to launch an early access program for developers to discover what they can do with it to take it to the next level.

Generally, the programs would run on the mobile device and can be linked to the glasses using a Bluetooth. However, there might be some specific features that would be powered by the Vaunt glasses as well.

Final Thoughts on Intel Smart Glasses

It is quite obvious that the Vaunt glasses are still at a development stage. However, considering the fact that the concept of hands-free notifications is by far more interesting and advanced than the previous experiments by Intel in the field of Digital wearable, it may create a huge impact on the consumers. This would certainly take productivity and multitasking to a completely new level of innovation.


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