11 Mobile App Development Trends in 2018

Mobile App Development Trends in 2018

Mobile applications have become a necessity these days. With increasing penetration of handheld devices, the only way people wish to communicate is through applications. Every sector is hoarding to build an application around its area, be it a bank or real estate. Here are 11 mobile application development trends in 2018, that you like to consider in the year 2018.

1)Internet of Things (IoT) and Wearable Apps

The year 2018 will be all about the Internet of Things. This is a technology which will enable the various devices to talk to each other and share data. It’s about how humans will be able to program their intelligent devices through a wearable like a smartwatch.

They would just require clicking a button to tell the device to do a certain thing at a certain time. Imagine, you wake up in morning and your coffee machine start brewing coffee for you, the toaster starts to toast the bread on its own, the geyser will pre-warm the water at the time you need to bath, the music player would start playing your favorite morning music, the room temperature would adapt on its own as per the atmosphere outside.

We would require applications to configure all these things. So, if you’re thinking of converting your devices into smart devices to adopt this latest trend, then you would require investing in IoT and wearable applications in the year 2018.

2) Accelerated Mobile Pages

Have you ever experienced a slow loading web page and how it impacts your business? In this world of fast internet, nobody wishes to wait for a web page to load for minutes. It should be swift and easy to view the information.

Hence, you would love to invest in accelerated mobile pages which will benefit your business in many ways like you will have a number of visitors on your page, with better engagement opportunities, and better visibility. You would also rate higher on a search engine and would not require any sitemaps for your website.

3) Mobile Payments App

More and more people are using mobiles for making their payment since they are more easy to use as you can carry them everywhere and second, it’s safer, as one do not have to compromise his bank’s information on every POS system. They just share their mobile number rather than making payments directly through bank account where a limit is set by the amount you have added to that mobile payment application. Many have already made it big in this area like PayTM and Mobikwik, but still, there is a lot of scope in this area.

4) Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Apps

AR and VR are yet to explore its full potential and many firms are investing into the probable usage of these two technologies. Primarily they were meant to give unique experience for entertainment, however, still there is much to explore in these two areas. So, these two technologies are as well on the top for the year 2018.

5) On-Demand Apps

Applications that provide services on demand are very popular these days and yet to touch many cities and areas. So, we will see a hike in development of these applications as well. You must already be aware of applications like urbanclap which provide you on-demand services for cleaning, laundry, beauty services, food delivery and car fix.

6) Enterprise Apps and BYOD

Many enterprises are shifting their focus on BYOD and enabling their overall internal network based on several enterprise applications which include their intranet, emails, meetings and conferences and many more. This has only touched the ace technology companies till now and have huge potential to cover rest of the companies.

7) Cloud-based Apps

You must have heard about the trailing cloud-based technology. Now you would also love to invest in cloud-based applications which you don’t have to install on your devices but rather just make a click and use them directly without having a burden to download on your devices.

8) Android Instant Apps

Instant Apps are the thing of 2018 which you would enable you to access a web page through URL rather than you downloading it and configuring them on your phone. Many Android applications these days ask for access to your phone’s information and data, thus maybe somewhere accessing your privacy. These instant applications would not require all that information and would be easier to use with increasing speed of internet and better customer experience.

9) Application Security

Security is one area which will see a boom in the coming year. Since with development of more networked devices and applications, one might have to secure their personal data more often than just enabling a password. With increasing cyber crimes, this will become a necessity in coming times.

10) Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and chatbots

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots are already visible somewhat with Google and Facebook, where they can recognize your face in a photo with prorated data. This is yet to see the rise. Many companies have started investing in their machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence applications. You should not delay in tapping this opportunity and benefiting from it.

Chatbots are already on a rise to replace the need for large call centers. These chatbots are intelligent chatting bots who answers the preset questions thus you don’t have to wait in a queue to talk to a call center executive to get your queries resolved.

11) Lazy loading

Ever experienced those rich websites while they load on the internet. It takes hours before you could experience them as they download all the images that are put on their complete website before the intended page opens.

However, the internet gurus have come up with lazy loading which does not allow other page’s images to download until you visit it. Hence making it a better user experience with lower bounce rate. This way your business would have better conversion rate and better opportunities to engage with people.

Whether you are a tech company or a non-tech company, you must seek the avenues for benefitting from web application development in the year 2018.You can look for Mobile App Development companies to get your customized mobile app.


  1. This is such a great article explained about the mobile trends in 2018. Among all the mentioned trends, lazy loading is one of the most helpful one for me. Thanks for sharing


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