How to Increase Your App’s Chances of Discovery on Mobile Stores

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Getting your app discovered in the app stores is unquestionably a tough yet highly momentous job. Considering the extensive selection of apps available for every imaginable need, it comes as no surprise that users often feel dazed and muddled to discover the tens of thousands of app swarming the app stores. And it is really very difficult to get your app on top positions without doing mobile app marketing.

Unless an app is fortunate enough to secure a rank in the “Top 10”, the odds of it getting discovered are bleak. Of course, Search is one way where people can come across your app, but suppose if your app ranks on the 200th number, would you secure as many downloads?

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How to do Mobile App Marketing?

You have enormously invested in your app, both in terms of time and money, so how would you make sure that your dream audience sees it? Well, one of the steadiest ways of doing this is through App Store Optimization (ASO). ASO is an assured way of increasing your app’s discoverability by optimizing different elements of an app store listing, in order to achieve higher search ranks. Apart from this, there are a few other practices that can help you beat app store discovery trials and meet your perfect users. Let’s have a look at these practices in detail.

1) App Store Optimization (ASO)

Leveraging ASO techniques can help your app to secure a competitive rank in the search results, thus making you more visible to your target audiences. The prime goal of ASO is to drive augmented traffic to your app’s page in the app store to incite the searchers to accomplish the action of downloading your app.  

The process of ASO requires a significant understanding of your target audience base to figure out the keywords that they will use to find apps akin to yours. Accurately predicting the keywords that will be used will largely help you to underline your precise keyword choices.

By now, you must be wondering how to identify what keywords you should use that can help you drive more traffic in the longer run. Well, keep the following points in mind while you focus on your choices.

  • Audience

Define your target audience. For whom are you making the app? Marketing experts, teenagers, stay-at-home parents? It is important to ascertain your demographics. For instance, if you are developing an app for parents who wish to make their child learn and recite nursery rhymes, try to figure out what words would that parent search for in the app store. Think from point of view of your audience and decide accordingly.

  • Search Volume

This will help you in learning about the number of people that are looking for apps using the same keywords as selected by you. Make sure to use simple and uncomplicated words that are used in our everyday conversations. Be functional and clear. Avoid jargon.

You can use various online tools to validate the effectiveness of your keywords such as, Search Man, App Annie, Sensor Tower, etc.

  • App Name (Title)

Your app name should include the primary keywords that you have listed during the previous stage. This will help you improve your search rankings in the app store.

  • Description

Description includes the purpose of your app. How is your app going to be beneficial for the users? Why should they download it? Furthermore, it is important to understand the different guidelines set by the different app stores where you shall be submitting your app.

Google Play provides a 4000 character limit. This means you have ample space to make your description eloquent and keyword-rich. Nevertheless, make sure you do not stuff your description with countless keywords that your content drops its quality and value.

In case of Apple’s App Store, a user can only view first five lines of the description at the first peek. Consequently, the description has to be particularly persuasive to make the users hit the download button.

  • Icon

Your app’s icon is one of the most significant parts of your app. since it is the first thing your target audience sees, it is important that it stands out to arrest the viewer’s attention.

  • Screenshots & Video Preview

Compelling visuals play a vital role in enticing the users and boosting the app installation rate. Hence, make sure your screenshots and videos seize the user’s eye and largely work to sell your app.

2) Getting Your App Recommended

Everybody welcomes suggestions from others. Word-of-mouth endorsements from your friends and family are valuable. You can leverage this marketing opportunity by offering your existing users some kind of benefit or in-app currency bonus in trade for promoting your app. This can be through email, SMS, Facebook post or any other social media.

Additionally, reviews by reputed bloggers can genuinely attach value to your app. You can locate a good online journalist and provide them with a free version of your app in exchange for their valuable public opinions, pay for a sponsored post or set them up with a partner tracking code that gets them paid whenever a user downloads your app through their advertising link.

3) 3rd Party Advertisers

Most of us develop apps for either one of the two most popular app stores – Apple Store and Google Play. However, you should know that there are several other platforms that can help your app reach out to the world, namely:

  • Samsung App Store
  • Amazon App Store
  • GetJar
  • Mevvy
  • SlideME
  • Mobango

4) Leverage Traditional Search Engines

Popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc. use far more superior algorithms as compared to the app stores. Therefore, you can always create a comprehensive webpage for your app that includes the name of your app, a vivid description, screenshots, video previews along with direct links to download and install the app.

Employing this approach will help you communicate your keywords effectually and improve your app’s discoverability. Additionally, a robust web presence will certainly bestow a professional look to your business.

Concluding Thoughts on Mobile App Marketing

There are several strategies that can be deployed to improve your app’s visibility and secure a high rate of installation. Even though no practice assures surefire success, keeping the above-mentioned tips in mind can certainly prove to be beneficial. Additionally, you can consult the services of a reputed mobile app development company that will not only help you in developing an unparalleled mobile app but also increase its chances of discoverability on the app stores.


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