Reasons: Why your app won’t be used by your employees?

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Having a enterprise app can increase the productivity of your worker and also optimizes the efficiency of your business process.

But, according to research, it was found that nearly 64% of the employees rarely use any enterprise app, the reasons can be different for different employees. Due to this, the idea of using an app for your organization fails terribly.  

To rectify those things, understand the reasons why your employees won’t use your enterprise app and then act accordingly.

Overcome the cynical employees

You know that your app will increase the productivity, boosts your sales as well as improve the operations but getting your employees on-board can still be a big challenge. They might be in their comfort zone, and not ready to accept the new technology. Its seen that the technological changes in any firm take a lot of time because there is lack of urgency and improper communication about the benefits of the same.

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Now, you might be thinking how to deal with such employees? The answer is simple, let them understand how the app will be an improvement in what they already are using. Being an owner, or manager your task will be to help them cross that bridge and make them comfortable with the new technology. If the employees know how the app will help them to ease their job in a better way, they will surely embrace the change.

Demonstrate the rational as well as economic benefits the app will bring to your business. Such as:

  • Higher Productivity: it will make employees task easier and efficient
  • Higher Revenue: It will help you in taking more orders, which will increase your revenue
  • Satisfied Customers: You can launch loyalty programs with the app, which will have a positive impact on your customers and will make them happy too.
  • Feedback Mechanism: It will allow your customers to give direct feedbacks which will help you in improvising and knowing where you did great.

Being an investor or business owner, you also took your time and then agreed to launch the app after knowing its benefits. The same applies to your employees; you have to convince them like you convinced yourself if you want them to use your app.

Complexity being the major culprit

Employees like to use apps which have a simple user interface and filled with some of the useful features which will make their working easier and will in return increase their productivity. But, plenty of the app developers focus on building an app worth every penny, complicates the user interface, fills in bloatware and creates a sense of confusion in the minds of employees.

Don’t do that! Keep it as simple and interactive as possible.

Lack of Staff Training

There might be individual differences amongst your employees as per their interests and familiarity with the digital technology. Some might be quite active in using a smartphone whereas some might hardly use it. You need to identify such differences so that accordingly you can plan training for them. Consider those first who will struggle the most while adapting the change. Arrange face-to-face training, teach them about the app directly, as it will be more impactful and useful for them. It will also help them in asking any questions if they have related to the app.

You can simplify it in a meeting, tell about the new app, its functions and also set specific goals as well as measurable goals for your employees. Let them download it and experiment with it; it will help them in building a better understanding. More familiar they will be with it, more they will use it.

Your App Maybe Dull or Not fun loving

No one is interested in using an uninteresting app. Add some fun to it, it will attract your employees and keep them engaged. Once you successfully integrate the app into your business, share its positive impact with your staff. Show them the increase in customers, order, positive reviews. These small and quick wins will support the usage of your app, and your employees will feel motivated to use it.

To make it more exciting, you can reward those employees who incorporated the app into their daily work duties. For example, you can have a contest for your staff, wherein the one who will get most customers to download the app will get a prize. You can set the prize to be anything you want compensation, special perk or anything else. It will keep your employees motivated to use the app themselves as well as will ask others to do the same.

Lack of Regular Feedback

At times, business owners after implementing a new technology, don’t bother to share the feedback with their employees, which in result de-motivates them and they don’t use the app further. Consider feedback as the crucial part while implementing any new technology in your business. Keep your communication channels open for your employees, so that they can share positive as well as negative pointers about the new app. You can even ask them about programs you have launched with the app for your customers, like the loyalty program. For an e-commerce business, having an app can do wonders, ask your employees how the workflow is going.

Ask your employees whether the app has improved their daily tasks. Whatever feedback you receive from them, take it seriously as the employees are your first users, using the app on a regular basis.

Involve your employees, take feedback from the app, which will encourage them to use it more. In return, you can give them constructive feedback on how they are using the app and working well with it.

Final Thoughts

Provide solutions to your employee’s problems or difficulties which they face while using the new technology and they all will be onboard with you. Your mobile app will be a huge success only if your employees are 100% onboard with it. In today’s time, one can easily find mobile app development companies which can make fantastic yet affordable apps for any business organization.


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