Five Reasons Why A Smart Home Will Change Your Life

smart home

Smart homes are a new development. Many have heard of it, but few know what it does. So here is some food for thought. This technology will change your life. Here are five reasons why.

Just To Recap

Smart home products are basic domestic appliances. But, it is fitted with technology that allows it to connect to the internet. It will also connect to other smart devices by using the internet. This technology is called the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is basically a big international network of smart devices. Okay, let’s get into the benefits.

1) It Helps To Save Time

Smart homes are great at saving time. 57% of American smart home owners save about 30 minutes per day. That adds up to 182 hours in a year. They save about a week per year thanks to this technology. Business people love this feature. Time equals money. Many mundane activities are now automated. People have to spend less time on things that don’t matter as much. They have more time for the things that matter.

2) It Helps You Save Money

Smart home products are nifty inventions. They might cost you a penny. But, over time, it can save you more than the cost of the product. 45% of Americans save on average close to $98,30 per month. That adds up to a yearly saving of $1’179,60. Think about all the smart devices you can buy for $1’000?

After a year’s usage, you may have made that money back again. Buy products like smart thermostats. It helps to save around 20% off yearly warming and cooling costs! Make sure you understand the capability of your smart products. Operate it effectively and save a fortune.

3) It Protects You

Smart security is one of the trending topics in the smart home industry. 62% of Americans believe it’s the top benefit derived from owning a smart home. 3 out of 5 Americans buy smart home products that allow them to monitor their home. It’s no wonder then that smart locks and alarms are some of the most used smart products. Smart security helps to integrate your whole security setup.

You can control every connected device remotely through your smartphone. You can automate certain functions. For instance, authorities will be notified whenever your alarm is triggered. Smoke sensors can call for the fire department. Enjoy the control you deserve. You are the master of your kingdom.

4) It Promotes Your Health

These products are firstly designed for consumers. Lots of time, effort and money are invested in the development. Smart home products have some ingenious ways to promote your health.

Smart Kitchens

Ordinary kitchen appliances have been joined to modern day technology. A Smart refrigerator will connect to the internet. Download healthy recipes from the internet. Then have it read those recipes back to you as you cook it. Smart ovens will even know when your dish is perfectly cooked. No more burnt roasts. Let smart kitchens help to spruce up your diet.

Healthier Sleep Cycles

Smart devices have features to help you establish better sleep cycles. Smart lights will dim to a conducive low brightness in the hour before bedtime. Sleep trackers will wake you up in your lighter sleep cycles. Smart blinds will open up as you awake. Whilst a fresh pot of coffee has just been brewed in the kitchen. Early mornings don’t have to be a drag.

5) It Reduces Stress And Effort

Stress is a silent killer. People become accustomed to it. But, it will have negative effects over long periods. Smart homes are designed to automate your home. Mundane activities can happen quicker. You can cue basic functions in your home through your smartphone. Smart devices become an extension of yourself.

Take smart lawn mowers for instance. Set it up in your backyard. Map out your lawn with GPS technology. Set up a cutting schedule and let it run itself. It will cut your lawn based on your needs. Some units will even keep the weather in mind.

For Better, Not Worse

Smart homes have the express goal to make your life better. Give it a try. Some of these benefits will help you. Maybe even all 5 of them.


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