Top 10 Business Trends That Will Drive Success In 2018

business trends 2018

Every businessman is looking forward to having a great 2018. Here are the top 10 business trends which will drive success in 2018. Have a look and get to know the unknown right from this article itself.

1) Artificial Intelligence will surely become a leader to drive Customer Experience

Thinking of an AI surely gets you into the trap of human detachment. But, confusing AI with the marketing automation is surely a mistake which a lot of people usually do.

As an AI expert and a renowned keynote speaker, Christopher Penn says,

“There are three levels of machine learning: AI where machines perform tasks normally performed by humans; machine learning, where the machines learn on their own; and deep learning, where machine learning chains together for rich learning”

Various leading firms are using AI to perform redundant, repeatable task as well as to process a huge amount of data, without removing the human interaction but to enrich it. AI is being used for various practical user experiences. One such experience is using AI for evaluating GPS data.

2) Time to Embrace Live Interactions over Social Media

No matter how worthy smartphones are, in the end, Face to Face interaction is the lone key. Majority of the top companies believe in building long-term relationships through community engenders. Nothing can drive a powerful relationship than one-to-one interaction and live interactions.

Some great community forums like B2B sell out advance to attendees which are seeking higher values and face to face communication. It exceeds to a great extent which cannot be done through social media, in any case.

As an example, you can easily attend an Ivy League university rather than getting called on the annual Mastermind Talks.

3) Millennial welcoming the Generation Z

According to a research at Goldman Sachs, America’s younger generations (born after the year 1998) are on the verge of rising in influence. If we see the modern day scenario, Millennial are not children anymore. In fact, they have their way of getting the leadership roles and managing peers of all strata of the society.

Gen Z is said to be the first generation born with Smartphone’s in their hands and are a lot more different than the Millennials. As a result, the majority of the companies are working to identify the next generation as a consumer and as an employee.

4) Wages and more things are on the rise

Dr. Mary Kelly, a Ph.D. Economist shared an insight of what to expect in the upcoming economy.

According to a research by Society for Human Resource Management, the Human resource Managers should be getting a 3% increase in their wages across every sector.

As we have witnessed in the last years, large organizations will surely see the health care costs rise by nearly 6% from 2017 to 2018. In this whole scenario, the talented employees seek benefits, appraisals, and autonomy while the smart companies are thinking to levy some other procedure in the nearby future.

5) Social Learning is clearly Outperforming Remote Learning

As more professionals are working in a remote location, more of the companies have found out a way of keeping their employees engaged and also develop talents outside their office. One way which has gained popularity is Social Learning.

In social learning, a user learns from peer interactions where two or more people discuss different ideas and get to know a little more in the process.

According to a study estimation, 50% of the companies use social learning and two-thirds are still planning to do it in future.

6) Live Streaming Video Content gaining popularity

It is no doubt that videos have become a vital component of making many businesses successful. It is a type of scenario where the Customers demand real connections with real people. Videos are one of the most viewed content and live videos are one of the most powerful ways of keeping the audience engaged.

In a Research conducted by Livestream, it was recorded that 80% of the audience will like to watch live video from a brand rather than read a blog. And nearly 73% of the B2B organizations reported a positive ROI from video marketing.

7) Content Marketing and Sales will be Fully Integrated

More buyers and customers will be going for an online research, top firms will continue to use content marketing and sales. The aim will be to make sure that whenever a user searches for any challenges, risks and other strategies along with the solutions, they will get the content of the firm to answer the queries.

For example, People are looking online for Tesla articles as well as videos and fulfilling their knowledge of hunger via means of internet. That is the reason firms are engaging more people to identify the topics which they can use for content marketing to help them in the sales.

8) Blockchain will be embraced by leading players

In 2018, all the smart companies will build their skills around the blockchain technology to make sure that they are still in the game. Since its changing the global financial market, industries will try to change with it. They will be changing their business model as per the transformation required by the market.

9) Banking models will see a radical shift

Traditional banking model might not work well with the millennials in 2018. As per the predictions, digital banking will see a huge growth in the upcoming years and by 2020 it will grow by 2 billion users. This will be resulting in taking the brick and mortar banking solutions with the technology mindsets. Soon your phone will be your wallet.

10) LPWAN will be in power

Most of the industries will be using Low Power Wide Area Networking technology. It can be used for large pieces of equipment, boilers, industrial pieces of equipment, etc. It has better penetration as well as easy reach.

Hope these will help you in understanding the upcoming trends of business in 2018.


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