Top 10 daily life use of Artificial Intelligence which you should know

Daily Life use of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has been trending these days. You must be hearing about it in newspapers or while browsing websites. This is a technology advancement where you don’t have to feed a logic into a software, however, it learns on its own like humans do. It studies the pattern of behavior and leads to develop prediction based on data it has acquired with time.

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The concept is not new, however, what has given it much boost is the penetration of internet. Now people spend most of their time online leaving several digital footprints. While filling a survey or a form you leave behind data about your personal preferences.

Also, the way you search items or you react to certain online advertisement campaign leads to companies know the pattern of your shopping behavior.

Similarly, AI also reads your behavior over time and after some time it starts to predict things for you. This advancement has led many household uses of AI in our daily lives. Let’s see below some of these uses which one can already relate to in present times –

AI leading a way for smart homes

The most appropriate use of AI is to provide us with smart homes, where intelligent devices would know how and when to work on their own based on your usual daily behavior.

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Like you wake up in morning and your toaster start toasting your pre-filled bread, your geyser would turn on half an hour before you get up in the morning so that you have ready warm water for bathing, based on your usual clothing habit, your smart wardrobe would help you with showing different apparels that you can wear and once selected, it would bring them out for you, then as you leave, your air conditioner would go into sleep mode until turning on half an hour before you come back from office.

You could program the lights of your house depending on the mood and event. The music player would download the best-featured music based on your preferences and play it as and when required.

The first customer of AI-based smart homes was the restaurant owners, however, the smart home devices like Alexa and Echo are already available in the market these days. Alexa is an AI-powered personal assistant that would accept your voice commands to create your shopping list, play music, search general queries over the internet and speak out the most relevant results for you.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) on roads –

You will now be able to ride driverless cars with inbuilt intelligent bots which will not only drive the car on auto mode, however, will also judge the best route and will also be able to judge if any accident probability is there up to the defined range by studying the road up in those limits.

Though this feature is still in its conceptual model, where companies like Google are testing these features via a video game. However, the thing is to not only make the cars smart but also have smart roads.

In these smart roads, the scientists are reading all the theory of traffic management and will install devices and boosters to align with devices in these cars to make them even more intelligent.

In addition to software companies, there will be many network provider companies who would be involved in providing this infrastructure to have an overall smart commute on roads. They would even place detectors on roads to inform the cars on making a decision of stopping or avoiding any accidents.

The worst-case scenario for this kind of probability is put forward by scientists is when a car instantly has a child comes running in front of the car and on the other side there is a deep cliff then how your car will make decision on its own whether to save the child or save the commuters in the car.

These sensors placed on the smart roads will then help the car to avoid making such decisions by informing them in advance what is the upcoming scenario.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Online –

The artificial intelligence is also tending to make a shift in online shopping trends. This will help one to analyses huge data that is collected online through various portals and make decisions like, best-suited products for a consumer, what marketing strategies would imply, how to ensure security for a person while they keep creating digital footprints while traversing internet.

The banking websites will be able to detect any credit card fraud based on malicious activity and would place your card on halt while alerting you about the transaction.

They can also predict purchases for you by reading your buying behavior and would auto create the shopping list for you based on your past purchases so that you don’t have to put in efforts to create a new shopping list every month.  

It would also direct the related coupons and offers towards you by telling you the best website to purchase your items where you can save more.

Conclusion on daily life use of Artificial Intelligence

There are many other ways that AI is slowly penetrating our lives. The data you leave daily on social media like Facebook and Instagram or Google searches, help the AI developers with data that they use to make more smart decisions and help both consumers get the best products and the sellers to direct their campaigns to the right consumer.

They are acquiring this data and helping us to make our lives easier by making decisions for us based on our past behavior. The only thing we need to do is accept the decision that they have made for us.

You may not have to indulge in buying smart devices to experience the power of AI, there are also various applications available that you could install on your smart device to experience it.

Some of them are Boomerang, this application helps you by controlling when to send and receive emails based on your time zones, is an AI-based application that could write music on its own, Spotify could help one to search playlist based on your preference, Capitan is an application that reads your online behavior to make an auto-generated shopping list for you and many more.


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