Top 5 smartphone running apps you shouldn’t miss (Infographic)

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Running is fast becoming the most popular way to exercise. In 2016, over sixty-four million people went running or jogging in the U.S. alone.

People of all ages are motivated to run because of its multiple health benefits. Individuals who run regularly develop stronger bones and muscles, a healthier cardiovascular system, and maintain a balanced weight (a Body Mass Index of 24 and below).

Aside from a healthier physique, runners also have happier moods, sharper memories, and reduced stress levels.

Moreover, running is also the most affordable form of exercise. All you need are running clothes and shoes, no need for monthly gym or yoga fees. Speaking of gym and yoga fees, the main reason that you pay for it is the venue and equipment usage.

On the other hand, running can be done anytime, anywhere. No need for commuting or driving. Whether it’s five in the morning or five in the afternoon, you can run around your village, the nearest park, or even at home, if you have a treadmill.

If you have a pet dog, all the more reason for you to run. Apart from being a great bonding activity, running can also help your furry friend stay physically fit and stop destructive habits like aggression, digging, or chewing your flip-flops because they have a better energy outlet—running with you. However, if you don’t have one, you can also run with your family and friends or do it solo and make new friends.

Running is a great way to make new friends. Most of the people you’ll meet while running are easy to befriend, enthusiastic, and goal-oriented. If you’re a budding runner, mingling with seasoned runners will help you get better at running since they can share their techniques and training habits with you.

With all that being said, either you are a novice or a pro, one of the first things that you should ensure when running is to track your progress – especially if you are trying to improve your time and efficiency versus other runners.

Pro runners often use smartphone running apps to track their pace and mileage and share it with their friends using different social media networking sites. Most running apps are also available on the Android and iOS platforms that’s why more and more runners are using it today.

Although smartphone running apps have different features, most mobile apps can measure the calories you burn, your exercise time, speed, distance, making it easy to track one’s progress. Some running apps even provide upbeat music to get you pumped up for a run.
Most running apps are also compatible not only with smartphones but with wearable technology that can be worn just like a watch.

Having that said, before you lace up and go for a run, you should take a look at these Top five smartphone running apps that you shouldn’t miss:

  1. Strava Tracker
  2. Runkeeper
  3. Runtastic
  4. Nike + Run club
  5. Endomondo running and walking

Know more about these smart running apps by checking out the infographic below.

Smartphone Running Apps


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