Should Vehicle Tracking System be mandatory for all Travel companies?

vehicle tracking system

Vehicle tracking system was first introduced to keep the vehicles secure, like an anti-theft device. But as the world is evolving, the phenomenon is getting more and more acceptability from government and from travel companies. It seems to make drivers more responsible and travel companies to have better control over their fleets. Here are few advantages why the government is seeking to make GPS tracking system mandatory for all travel companies.

It helps to reduce overall cost

Often it is seen that drivers take a longer route or alternate route than the shortest one which increases the fuel consumption of the travel. The vehicle tracking system gives control to the fleet management companies to view and track their vehicles so that they ensure that driver does not de-route the vehicle to any other longer route. Hence increasing the efficiency of their fleet and reducing overall operating cost.

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Since all data is being automatically uploaded to the GPS system hence it will reduce the overall paperwork and need for manual slips. Office employees can now see and judge the nearest vehicle available to their destination.

They are even able to judge in case of any delay of their office cabs. This way they can make a decision on which cab they should board in accordance with having least impact on their office productivity and customer experience.

Since drivers and staff are aware that they are being monitored and any kind of misbehavior would send them an alert message, hence they act more responsible. This way travel companies can better manage their vehicles when on road and hence increase their overall productivity. They can now plan their fleets better without any wastage.

This system can be used to improve the overall efficiency of the driver. The driver’s performance could be judged on various parameters and can be given feedback to improve on them. The one who performs well can be rewarded based on these parameters.

Provide security against theft

Often vehicles are stolen in midway, especially when they are traveling long distance and must travel through lonely highways. The vehicle tracking system gives continuous feed on vehicle’s location and condition and fleet manager thus can immediately send alerts to the nearby police station in case of any mishap like an accident or a theft.

With the evolution of technology, devices are becoming more and more intelligent and hence can provide much more control and information.

The modern-day technology allows one to view the street and vehicle in real time. This way one can ensure better control over the fleet. There are minimum four satellites launched to get the overall view of the vehicles controlled by a GPS system.

This cost is a one-time cost and is incurred by the government. However, the installation of GPS will be on the users and it would cost them few thousand rupees.

Vehicle Tracking System ensures safety on road

Since a vehicle tracking system comes with many other functionalities, it also allows one to view and control the driver’s behavior on the road and one can even see whether a driver is over speeding or not.

It has been reported that most of the accidents occur on a road when either driver is not in his senses (like due to lack of sleep or consumption of alcohol) or else when a driver is over speeding his vehicle.

This system allows one to keep a track on the speed and driver’s behavior on the road and hence avoid accidents pro-actively. This also helps avoid things like harsh breaking, sudden high acceleration, and cornering which may help increase the life of the vehicle.

The Indian government is planning to make it mandatory to attach vehicle tracking system in all commercial vehicles. They have initiated this effort by installing GPS system in their own commercial buses. This helps them better manage and control the traffic on the road.

The initiative has started in cities like Bangalore. The government has also given a contract to a local company who will track and report all the vehicles on the road through these GPS systems. This will allow the government to view the driver’s behavior on the road and record their actions.

The GPS system will record information like location, speed, travel history and driving pattern. These GPS devices are difficult to be disabled or removed from the vehicle and hence make it very difficult for anybody to misbehave without it being recorded.

The control rooms will be set up to record all this data. Then this data will be utilized to make several inferences and improve overall traffic system in the city.

Often, we hear of the mishaps happening to the children while they are traveling alone. They are under adult supervision while in school or home however when they travel between two places through school buses, they are at the mercy of the bus driver.

These vehicles tracking system will help parents to see and judge the behavior of school bus drivers on the road and locate the bus in case of any delay. This way it will help to ensure the safety of the student while they are on road.

The benefits are surplus and it’s ever-evolving. This is just a step towards a connected society where we could see automated self-driving cars. The data being recorded by these GPS systems will help us evolve an intelligent system on various behaviors on the road and will promise more autonomous safety to the pedestrians.

The cars will then be able to have their own mind to react to a situation. This will also help to better control the congestions on the road. We will have more intelligent traffic management system which will ensure that you are alerted and informed about a probable jam and given the smallest alternate route.


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